Ang, Qi Yan

Master of Mouse Metabolism
BMS Graduate Student

Bess, Elizabeth

Chemical Wizard
LSRF Fellow

Bisanz, Jordan

Genome Guru
NSERC Fellow

Fadenrecht, Hannah

The Boss
Lab Manager

Lam, Kathy

Phage Pro

Ly, Kimberly

Gnotobiotic mouse technician

Nayak, Renuka

Dr. Microbiome
Clinical Research Fellow Molecular Medicine

Soto Perez, Paola

Captain of CRISPRs
Tetrad Graduate Student


Spanogiannopoulos, Peter

Microbe Whisperer
CIHR Fellow

Turnbaugh, Jessie

Head Mouse Master
Director, UCSF Gnotobiotic Facility

Turnbaugh, Peter

Assistant Professor