OPEN POSITION for a lab technician - please also email Peter in case we miss your application in the online system


The UCSF Gnotobiotics Core is actively recruiting a new team member.  In addition to helping with animal husbandry and advanced experimental techniques in mice, we hope to find someone who loves working on a tight-knit team, has excellent communication skills, and precise attention to detail. For details, please see the job posting here.

High school, undergraduate, and post-baccalaureate students

We host currently-enrolled undergraduate summer interns through the Summer Research Training Program. We also participate in the Arthritis Foundation Summer Science Internship, which is also open to senior high school students. Postbac students can e-mail Peter or Jessie to inquire about openings for laboratory or animal research technician positions, respectively.

Graduate students

Rotation students affiliated with Biomedical Sciences, Tetrad, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics, the Integrative Program in Quantitative Biology, or other UCSF programs should contact Peter for information about visiting our lab.

Postdoctoral fellows

We are always interested in talented postdoctoral fellows to complement our multi-disciplinary team of scientists working on the gut microbiome. Please send Peter your CV and a brief letter of research interests to inquire about potential openings. Make sure to explain why you want to join our lab and what drew you to the microbiome field more broadly. Contact information for your graduate advisor and two other references should be included on the CV, with letters available upon request.