Postdoctoral Scholar
Ph.D. Biochemistry
Unfair advantage: Can think like a protein
Interests: Regulation of gut bacterial drug metabolizing enzymes
Postdoctoral fellow
Unfair advantage: Can think like a B cell
Interests: B cell recognition of gut bacteria
iMicro Fellow (T32)
Ph.D. Genome Sciences
Unfair advantage: Is living in the cloud, gets free trips to Israel
Interests: Modeling gut bacterial metabolism
Postdoctoral Fellow
Unfair advantage: Knows what the gut-brain axis is
Interests: Role of the microbiome in the treatment of neurodegenerative disease
Lab Manager, 2017
B.A. Microbiology
Unfair advantage: makes the best lab signs, infinite patience
Interests: training and assisting the next generation of microbiologists
Administrative Assistant, 2017
Unfair advantage: organization skills, lives near Noah’s Bagels
Interests: nurturing a collaborative and efficient research environment
Director, UCSF Gnotobiotic Core, 2014
Ph.D. Molecular Cell Biology, B.Sc. Biology
Unfair advantage: can coordinate dozens of projects at once
Interests: accelerating and improving gnotobiotics
BMS MSTP student
Unfair advantage: Great at maths
Interests: bacterial interactions, bioinformatics, bioactives
BMS Graduate Student, 2017
B.A. Biology, NSF Graduate Fellow
Unfair advantage: colorimetric assays
Interests: bacterial metabolism of food and drug additives
BA (in progress)
Unfair advantage: Knows the secret to Blue Bottle coffee
Interests: Measuring and isolating microbial bioactives
Junior Specialist, 2021
B.A. Molecular and Cell Biology
Unfair advantage: Knows Adam Arkin
Interests: Bacterial evasion of phage targeting
Postdoctoral fellow, 2017
Ph.D. in Immunology, B.A. in Biology
Unfair advantage: science hiakus, knows all the interleukins
Interests: control of immune function by bacterial metabolites
Quantitative Metabolite Analysis Center (QMAC) Director
Ph.D. Natural Products
Unfair advantage: Understands mass spectrometry
Interests: Plant and microbe-derived natural products
Ph.D. in Genomics, B.A. in Biochemistry, Minor in Film Studies
Unfair advantage: was in the room where it happened
Interests: predicting and controlling the metabolism of complex microbial communities
BMS Graduate Student, 2020
B.A. in Biology, NSF Graduate Fellow
Unfair advantage: Can think like a mouse
Interests: Sexually dimorphic host-microbiome interactions
BMS MD/PhD student, 2017
B.A. in Biology
Unfair advantage: knows how to isolate weird bacteria
Interests: Gut bacterial control of drug absorption
Clinical Fellow, Pulmonology
M.D., Ph.D.
Unfair advantage: Never vaped before
Interests: Ketogenesis, ethnicity, COVID-19
Tetrad Graduate student, 2017
B.A. in Biology, NSF Graduate Fellow
Unfair advantage: can actually get statins to dissolve in solution
Interests: antimicrobial effects of statins