Postdoctoral Scholar, 2023-
Ph.D. in chemistry
Unfair advantage: Knows chemical shifts
Interests: Function of microbial metabolism in interactions
Postdoctoral Scholar, 2021-
Unfair advantage: Knows what the gut-brain axis is
Interests: Role of the microbiome in the treatment of neurodegenerative disease
Lab Manager, 2017-
B.A. Microbiology
Unfair advantage: makes the best lab signs, infinite patience
Interests: training and assisting the next generation of microbiologists
Postdoctoral Scholar, 2023-present
Ph.D. in Biochemical & Molecular Nutrition
Unfair advantage: Knows what we should eat
Interests: Impact of diet on the microbiome's role in cancer therapy
Administrative Assistant, 2022-
Unfair advantage: Not afraid of doodle polls
Interests: Making the Hooper the best place to work
Postbaccalaureate trainee
BA in Cell and Molecular Biology
Unfair advantage: Understands Gen Z lingo
Interests: Ketogenesis and bioinformatics
Junior Specialist
Unfair advantage: I like my coffee and chai without milk and sugar
Interests: Integrating metagenomic and metabolomic data
Director, UCSF Gnotobiotic Core, 2014-
Ph.D. Molecular Cell Biology, B.Sc. Biology
Unfair advantage: can coordinate dozens of projects at once
Interests: accelerating and improving gnotobiotics
BMS MSTP student, 2022-
Unfair advantage: Great at maths
Interests: bacterial interactions, bioinformatics, bioactives
Junior Specialist, 2023-
Unfair advantage: Knows the secret to Blue Bottle coffee
Interests: Measuring and isolating microbial bioactives
Professor, 2014-
Ph.D. in Genomics, B.A. in Biochemistry, Minor in Film Studies
Unfair advantage: was in the room where it happened
Interests: predicting and controlling the metabolism of complex microbial communities
BMS Graduate Student, 2021-
B.A. in Biology, NSF Graduate Fellow
Unfair advantage: Can think like a mouse
Interests: Sexually dimorphic host-microbiome interactions
Junior Specialist, 2023-
B.A. Neuroscience
Unfair advantage: Gets direct sunlight before morning coffee
Interests: Understanding and manipulating the gut microbiome-brain axis
Assistant Professor, 2018-
M.D., Ph.D.
Unfair advantage: Never vaped before
Interests: Ketogenesis, ethnicity, COVID-19
Postdoctoral Scholar, 2023-
Ph.D. in food science
Unfair advantage: Can KO a gene in a day
Interests: Microbiome editing